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Jamie Carragher can Lead Liverpool to Historic Double

There are very few occasions when any club in English Premier League has made EPL along with UEFA Champions League. The rare double title can be achieved by Liverpool as per the legendary defender Jamie Carragher. He is confident enough in coach Klopp and believes that Liverpool can achieve the same.

James Lee Duncan Carragher is one of the most eminent retired players of Liverpool and he spent 17 years there. Not only in his football career, but he also played there during his youth career too. The wall of the defense also scored 4 goals in his 508 appearances for the club.

He started his career in Liverpool in the year 1996 and without going to any other club; he retired from there in 2013. He became the family lad for the team and also he contributed on many occasions where they won several titles. Despite that, he also played 38 matches for his country England. He also represented his country in the Under 20 and Under 21 phases. He helped Liverpool to win two FA Cups, 3 League Cups, a champion league as well as UEFA cup, 2 super cups along with the community shield for one time.
In an interview with the CNN channel, he expressed his hope and he would like to see this in recent times. The same honor was brought home by only Manchester United in the year 1999 and he is eagerly waiting for the same to happen with Liverpool. As per Jamie Carragher, among the three or four best teams of Europe, Liverpool of Britain is one of the contenders who can make his thoughts possible. As per Carragher, Liverpool should make a core team which will contain some special players and they can make it possible.

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