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Jamie Carragher on England elimination

Jamie Carragher stated that England perform poorly at the Euros, and this is probably the worst performance at an international tournament.

He said that this is the worst performance he has seen from England for a long time.

Jamie Carragher said that England conceded the goals on mistakes that could have been avoided. He said that there was no reaction from the players after having conceded especially in the second half. The players were making wrong decisions when it comes to passing and were also shooting from long range when it could have been easier for them to pass the ball.
He believes that England players will be criticized for this performance and that they should expect this. He said that there is a problem with the England players because they fail to replicate their club form at international level.

He said that the England squad has good players, but there is no one that has really achieved something at the highest level. He believes that the players need some time to mature and that in the future they can become much better. At the moment he said there is no player that has made it in the Champions League yet and that with experience, he expects the team to become better.

He believes that fans and pundits have been expecting too much from the players. He said that they are good players, but they are nowhere as good to win the Euros. For Jamie Carragher, there is a shortage of world class players in the England at the moment and that this is the main reason why the England team failed to perform at the Euros in France.

He believes that Roy Hodgson took the best decision to resign after the elimination because he would have been sacked otherwise.

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