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Jamie Carragher Sceptical about Liverpool’s Ability to Overcome Manchester City

Jamie Carragher has revealed that he is extremely sceptical about Liverpool’s chances of winning the league title under the regime of Jurgen Klopp this season. The Reds made an excellent start of the campaign by winning the first six matches before encountering a draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. This was followed by a disappointing result in Europe and they have now drawn against Manchester City at home. As a result, the momentum from the excellent start has certainly disappeared to be replaced by a disappointing outcome where the Reds are winless in four games across all competitions.

After having been part of a Liverpool player that went 15 years without a league trophy, Carragher was all about the factors that prevent club from winning the league title. “The former defender believes that Liverpool are unlucky to have come up against a brilliant Manchester City“ team who also have similar ambitions. Carragher expects Manchester City to dominate the Premier league at least for the next four or five years under the regime of Guardiola. During this period, he thinks that it will be “extremely difficult for Liverpool“ to find a way through and win the league title for the first time in Premier League history.

Carragher also reckons that if Jurgen Klopp came up against Roberto Mancini or Manuel Pellegrini at Manchester City, the Reds would have easily dominated the league.“I just wonder if it’s come at the wrong time, with City and Guardiola. Because I think they’re going to dominate. I think in the next four years, City could win three titles.But, they might have a year when they don’t and I just think we’ve got to be that team.I think if [Roberto] Mancini or [Manuel] Pellegrini were managing Manchester City, we’d win the league (under Klopp). I really do,” said Jamie Carragher.

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