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Jamie Carragher Is Amazed by Martin Odegaard

Jamie Carragher has said that Martin Odegaard deserves to win the award of Premier League Player of the Year, even if he expects the Arsenal star to be neglected by his friends. Odegaard has taken his game to a whole new level this season. The Norwegian player went into the campaign after he had been made a permanent captain of the side of Mikel Arteta.

He relished his role in the team. Odegaard has scored 8 goals in the Premier League and has given 5 assists. Surely, he has played a significant role in guiding Arsenal to the top of the table. Carragher has been amazed by Martin Odegaard. You can’t argue with the one who believes that the 24-year-old has been playing in the best division in the present season. Nonetheless, Carragher isn’t fully convinced that he is going to get the whole credit he deserves.


Carragher predicted that Erling Haaland is going to win the award of the Player of the Year. However, he outlined why he feels that Odegaard needs to get a nod as he reflects on his performance in the win over Man United.
He told the reporters that he thinks all players are going to vote for Haaland. The inclusion of Odegaard at Arsenal has been incredibly sensitive but he simply knows what players are like and Carragher has been in the dressing room and thinks that Haaland has scored so many goals that he is incredible.

However, he thinks that in case of Arsenal wins the title, Odegaard’s role has to be a sensation and thinks he is incredible. He is the closest thing to De Bryune in terms of performance. Odegaard is the player who always gets the ball you think something might happen. The game has been fantastic.

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