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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has been involved in a war-of-words with Chelsea fans both online and offline over the ongoing situation involving the club and the sanctions handed out to owner Roman Abramovich by the British government.

The British government has sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and his investments in the United Kingdom (UK) due to his close ties with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the orchestrator of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Chelsea have been affected severely by the sanctions handed out to Abramovichthus leading to the questioning the integrity of football by the club's fans. Since the sanctions were announced last week, Chelsea fans have been vocal about Roman Abramovich and his name at their matches.
In response to the Chelsea fans on Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher said they should be the last set of fans to question the integrity of football and whether or not they are being victimisedby the British government over the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine due to the close relationship between Abramovich and Putin. Jamie Carragher further said that themoney from Abramovich has helped Chelsea on the way to becoming one of the biggest football teams in the world and that the West London giants normally operate without integrity as he cited the examples of former England colleagues such as Ashley Cole and Steven Gerrard.
Carragher revealed how current Aston Villa manager and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard was approached by Chelsea on two occasions over a transfer to Stamford Bridge several years ago and how Chelsea think they can use money to entice the Liverpool midfielder as at the time. In the end, Gerrard restated the financial overtures from Chelsea to stay at Liverpool on two occasions. Ex-Liverpool centre back Ashley Cole also talked about how Chelsea used money to lure the left-back from London rivals Arsenal.

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