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Statistics Do Not Provide The Real Picture

The statistics that were provided for the match between United and Fulham at Old Trafford is not to be given much importance, as is said by Jamie Carragher. These statistics in no way provide a thorough view about the entire story.

As given by the news Robin van Persie and Michael Carrick gave a lead to their home team. United team had 31 attempts in hand to make goals out of which they nine were on target whereas Fulham had six attempts out of which they could make three on target. But even after this Carragher says on Sky Sports, that the statistics are good enough to explain how brilliantly Manchester United has played.

According to Carragher, the way in which Fulham had played would batter the statistics. They seemed to be more comfortable and when they had the ball with them, they defended themselves with all their skills. He said that the crosses that Manchester had were much more than Fulham’s but the quality of those crosses were not expected from them. This statement of Carragher was agreed by Mike Phelan. It was more devastating than just disappointing as both of them said.

Fulham did to United what United does usually to the other teams by winning the game whenever they have to. Fulham was defending itself with all its might - a strategy which actually seemed to be working. In Carragher’s words the entire credit must be given to Fulham whose plan did work till the end while the quality of play was just not there for Manchester.

No matter how much people harp on about the possession but what actually matters at the end is that who won the match. This match which was a draw will give a much required boost to the team and Carragher said that it will be of great interest to notice their approach in the next match which was against Liverpool.

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