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Jamie Carragher In The News For The Right Reasons

Jamie Carragher definitely has earned his place in the world of football to pass comments and opinions about the teams and the selection of players.

Recently he made a comment on Arsenal team’s mistake in not selecting Luis Suarez. His comment was directed towards Arsene Wenger, the manager of the team. As a fellow experienced manager in the world of football, he is definitely entitled to voice his opinion.

Carragher is known as a legendary player of Liverpool and today he is a hallmark for young players. The Gunners did not bid for the striker in the year 2013 and that definitely has made a difference in Arsenal’s performances till date. The fact that Arsenal has missed out on the Premier League might be a case in point. The last time they raised a trophy in this championship game was in 2004. Wenger is now under pressure to improve the team’s performances. That is understandable as Leicester as well as Tottenham is ahead of Arsenal in the campaign this year.

Wenger has spent about twenty years playing and supervising football teams in England. There have been several achievements that lie to his credit. However, as one of his contemporaries, Jamie voiced his opinion on what Wenger should have done way back in 2013 – signing on Suarez. One thing good about Wenger, according to Jamie, is that he bids for players only when he is sure that he will get value for the money that the club will spend on a player.

Jamie also spoke to Sky Sports about his opinion about Tottenham Spurs which he feels would be successful as it has come under the manager ship of Mauricio Pochettino. This stands true as Tottenham has been superb in this season though they have fallen short of acquiring a title in the Premier League.

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