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Carragher Comes to Maguire’s Rescue

Jamie Carragher is another player who hung up his playing boots nearly a decade ago, around 2012/13. He left keeping his history with Liverpool secure and illustrious. He has been one of the loyal servants of Anfield club. Indeed, many called him the one-club Carra. That is because he was known to be reliable, dependable, and consistent. He was outspoken and had a never-say-die attitude. Now he is mostly known for his views which he airs on current events on Sky Sports.

Recently he commented on the power struggle that Harry Maguire is having with Cristiano Ronaldo. It comes at a time when Harry is struggling to maintain his form and improve his performance. Carragher feels that Ronaldo’s criticism is undermining Harry’s confidence further. Hence, he should be taken out of the line of criticism.

Carragher has been following Maguire’s performance this season. He has played as center half once this season for Manchester United. He came in as a substitute when they were losing to Arsenal. He also remains a regular member of the England team. Gareth Southgate stands by his teammate. He had gotten minutes to play when England won over Scotland this week.
Maguire however admits that he lacks sharpness and needs to improve on his fitness levels. Many experts also state that Maguire cannot be regularly picked up by Southgate when he does not have enough game time yet.

When Harry spent two seasons with Manchester it did not go well for him. That also resulted in his captaincy being taken off. Before that Ronaldo also challenged his authority. It is being seen as a watershed moment by Carragher. He talked about the moments when Ronaldo came back, and there were instances of power struggle as witnessed in the dressing room of Man United. That is when Maguire’s undermining started and it is something that Carragher wants to stop.

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