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Brendan Rodgers advises Team not take opinions from Former Players

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has urged his team to not taken the opinions of former players like Jamie Carragher, who were extremely hard in the recent criticism of Liverpool.

The club lost its fourth consecutive match after a 3-1 defeat against Crystal Palace on Sunday. Apart from starting rumours aboutRodgers’ future at the club, former players like Carragher also questioned the mentality of the team. After coming very close to winning the title last season, Liverpool are outside the top half of the table. Sky Sports pundits like Carragher and Gary Neville said that Liverpool are looking mentally and physically weak.

Speaking ahead of the Champions League match with Ludogorets,Rodgers said that the problems faced by this current Liverpool team are well documented. However, he would not let anyone questioned the mentality of the team, which he says is top-notch. Even during last season, Liverpool struggled to maintain a good defensive record. However, strikers like Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge were able to get them out of tight situations would often than not. With one of them no longer at the club and Sturridge struggling with injuries, scoring goals has become a major problem for Liverpool.

Rodgers said after the Crystal Palace defeat that he knew his position was not safe."We hear criticism of the team, but this team has character – it showed it last season – it's got resilience. Okay we will concede more than we would like at times but you can't question the character. It can't be criticised. We have players who've shown they have spirit. It's a comment that's been made of's something that happens when you're paid to be critics, well not critics, but to assess the team,” said Rodgers. Liverpool will be knocked out of the Champions League if they do not win againstLudogorets.

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